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How to Make Large Lighted Christmas Balls


video thumb

Here's a tutorial on making your Christmas tradition even more awesome. Learn How to Make Large Lighted Christmas Balls here. It's gonna be as awesome as that girl in the movie Precious.

How to Take a Cheap Holiday Vacation With Family


video thumb

Here's a great video you can follow to make your cheap holiday vacation with family worth your while. To learn How to Take a Cheap Holiday Vacation With Family, you should check out this video now.

How to Enjoy Christmas Shoe Shopping in Tough Economy


video thumb

Who says women can't shop this Christmas season because of the crisis? Here's a video on How to Enjoy Christmas Shoe Shopping in Tough Economy. You need this, women. You need this video to inspire you.

How to Manage Addiction to Holiday Shopping


video thumb

There are things you can control in your life but sadly holiday shopping addictions isn't one of those for most people. Help curb yourself and learn this video on How to Manage Addiction to Holiday Shopping and unravel the new frugal you.

How to Make A Bottle Christmas Tree


video thumb

Who doesn't want an awesome recycled bottle Christmas Tree this holiday? Go learn How to Make A Bottle Christmas Tree here and activate envy modes of your friends when you let them see it.

How to decorate with candy canes


video thumb

Here's a sweet twist on an old stand-by...candy canes at Christmas time. Instead of putting them on the tree, Interior designer Libby Langdon shows how to decorate vases and other containers to give your home a really festive holiday look.

How to make a Santa Balloon Sculpture (1/2)


video thumb

With the Christmas season already here, places are filled with different designs and ornaments. Everything hanged or posted everywhere. May it be store bought or homemade, people couldn’t just get enough of decorating their places just to feel the ... >> more

Making a Sugarpaste Christmas tree


video thumb

Christmas won’t be perfect without the tree. Most family households put up a Christmas tree no matter how big or small it is. A Christmas tree is a decorated tree, may it be real or artificial. Although there had been many variations of Christmas trees, ... >> more

How to Make Beautiful Christmas Ornaments


video thumb

In this video, you will learn how to make beautiful ornaments that are decorated yourself. Making your own ornaments can create memories and give you the satisfaction of spending time with your families and making original ornaments to decorate your ... >> more

Making a Snowman Christmas Countdown Project


video thumb

Christmas is here. Many people are anticipating and are having Christmas shopping in any stores just to be able to buy gifts. Many can’t wait to feel the Christmas spirit as countdowns are being done in preparation for the said occasion. Reunions, ... >> more

How to Make an Origami Santa and Heart


video thumb

Learn how to make a Santa and a heart in one! It simple and fun. All you need is one piece of paper to get two different things!

How To Buy Presents Way Before the Holidays



Are you thinking about Christmas in April!?!?! Well why not, it's never too early to start looking for presents. Here is a few tips, for those of you that love Christmas shopping, but hate the stress.

How to Make a Beautiful Snowflake


video thumb

I know you can make paper snowflakes how ever you like but this snowflake is beautiful and is quite easy to make!

How to Choose The Right Christmas Tree


video thumb

Since nobody can really skip Christmas, you might as well make most out of choosing your Christmas tree. Go learn How to Choose The Right Christmas Tree in this video. Who knows? You might be the next Christmas convert.

How to Take Great Care of Your Christmas Tree


video thumb

Don't you think it's better for you to maintain your Christmas tree while you can and not wait for it to get rotten and it's too late for you to fix it? GO learn How to Take Great Care of Your Christmas Tree here now.

How to do Candy Cane Nail Art


video thumb

This video teaches you how to make even your nails festive for Christmas. This amazing candy cane design takes a bit of patience and a steady hand. Try out this great nail art to match your Christmas outfit.

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree



In this video you will learn the best way to decorate your big tree! Learn how to decorate with lights and ornaments. Once finished everyone will be jealous of your spectacular tree!

How to Write a Christmas Card



The holidays are here, which means writing Christmas cards to your family. Learn a few tips on how to write the perfect card for your family members

How to Wrap a Gift



I know to some of you, wrapping a present is quite hard. Trying to tear a piece of tape off while still trying to hold the wrapping paper down, it can get complicated. This video will solve your troubles. Learn what you need and how to prepare before ... >> more

How To Fold Christmas Ornaments



I still remember folding like 30~40 of these for my club, and everyone hung it on trees or back-mirror of their car during the holiday season. A cheap and creative way to acquire ornaments during Christmas season, or simply for fun of origami. Perhaps ... >> more



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