How to Remove and Clean the Valve Body Parts




Information: The proper and the safest way to tear down the automatic transmission valve body. (Be careful when handling the valve body because the electrical solenoids are fragile and the valve body webbing can also get damaged.)

Step 1: First remove the ford clutch accumulator cover by removing three bolts. The cover is under strong spring tension so use caution when removing it. There will be two springs underneath this cover. The low over run valve spring and the ford accumulator spring.

Step 2: Next remove the ford accumulator guide pin and then the ford accumulator piston.

Step 3: Then remove the low overrun valve. The ford accumulator will have a D-ring.

Step 4: Next remove shift solenoid A and shift solenoid B. You will need to remove the two spring clips to separate the two solenoids from the valve body.

Step 5: Then remove the valve line up first it would be the one two shift valve. Then using a pick remove the one two shift valve spring .

Step 6: Then remove shift solenoid B and solenoid B is not under spring tension its valve line up is free floating valves with no springs. The valve should be free enough to fall from the bore. If not then you would have to work them through the valve body.

Step 7: Use the pick to remove the two three shuttle valve from its bore. Then remove the two three shift valve the same way by simply working it up through the bore between the webbing and the ports.(Remember not to scratch or damage the bores or the valves.)

Step 8: Next remove the pressure control solenoid by removing the retaining bolt and bracket.(Some technicians may call this the force motor.)

Step 9: Next on the top side of the solenoid remove the three two control solenoid. It is also held in by a spring clip.

Step 10: Last clean the valve body.

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