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Information: This lesson shows how to adjust the Valve Lash.

Step 1: Tighten the valve train to zero lash so that all the slack is taken out.

Step 2: Once the lifter is installed every time you rotate the engine the lubricant is slowly wiping off .

Step 3: If you follow the firing order of the engine you will only have to rotate the cam one full turn to do the whole lash procedure.

Step 4: The exhaust lifter will open first and then the intake lifter. This will mean the cylinder is on its compression stroke and both lifters will be in their lower positions.

Step 5: Then spin the push rod as you tighten the rocker nut. Then you will feel the slight difference in resistance spinning the push rod and get close to zero lash.

Step 6: . When you are at zero lash give the nut another half turn. The pre-load lifter is what is going to keep the valve train from making chattering noises.

Step 7: . Then add the extra half turn and the valve might actually open. Then the pressure will bleed off and the valve will return to its closed position where it should be.

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