How to Install an Automatic Transmission Valve Body - Cars and Repairs




Information: This lesson shows how to install the automatic transmission valve body.

Step 1: look for the two spacer plate gasket

Step 2: identify the 2 different gaskets for the case and the valve body gasket

Step 3: set both gaskets one at a time on the plate and look for any covered holes there should be no covered holes

Step 4: set two guide pans and and two of the valve bodies bolt holes across from each other

Step 5: after you set the case gasket in place then set the spacer plate on top of the gasket then after the valve body gasket

Step 6: install the hold down plate and don\'t tighten the three retaining bolts yet

Step 7: then move the guide pins to the line up holes then after tighten the hold down plate screws to 96 inch pounds

Step 8: install the wiring harness into place

Step 9: install the manual valve link

Step 10: then install the seven quarter inch steel check balls and pack the holes with petroleum jelly

Step 11: then flip the valve body over and slide the manual valve link to the whole machine and the manual valve

Step 12: remove the two guide pins and install two valve body bolts into place

Step 13: next replace the O-ring on the lock up solenoid

Step 14: then install the lock up solenoid to the pump assembly

Step 15: then clip the two three control solenoid to the harness the force motor to the harness

Step 16: then shift solenoid b, solenoid a then install all the valve body bolts finger tight

Step 17: �Don\'t forget the dipstick guard�

Step 18: install the two lock up solenoid bolts and torque them to 96 inch pounds

Step 19: next install the pressure manifold switch leave the bolts finger tight then connect them to the harness

Step 20: then torque the valve body bolts as well as the ones that run through the pressure manifold switch �torque them in three steps� First to 40 inch lbs, Second 65 inch lbs, Final 96 inch lbs. Torque them in a spiral pattern starting in the center and working your way out

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