How to Include Images in HTML (Basic)




Information: Including images in HTML can greatly improve the look of your website. Images are always more attractive than words.

Hi guys this is my second HTML tutorial and today I'm going to show you how to add images to HTML. Ok first thing you do, as standard with every HTML document is you start with the HTML tag and then the HEAD tag, and then the TITLE tag. I'm just going to call this images, and then you close off the title tag, and then you want to go to. As you see i haven't closed of the HEAD tag but that doesn't matter and then you want to center it. Now I'm just going to say Welcome To My Image Page. And now to make an enter, a space, you use a BR. Now thats a line break so every time you put a BR it will make an enter. And to add an image you type IMGSRC equals. So the SRC is basically the location of the image. So I'm going to save this to my desktop. And also on my desktop I'm going to have an image called Image. I don't want a border so I'm going to type border=0. So I'm going to close that off, and then I'm going to type body and HTML. And then I'm going to click file save as and save it as an .html file under index. Now you want to find the saved file. Open it and you'll see a red X. Thats because the file has no image. So open up any image creation software and make a picture. Save it. Then you want to type Welcome To My Site. Oh I don't want to put a strike on that. Now we have to save the file, and also save it to the desktop. Image, and save as a .png because I put .png on the original file. And there we go there is the image. Now if I wanted the image inside the folder, I would make a new folder, right click new folder. Img so thats the image folder. Now just drag it and drop it and when you go to index its not showing anymore. So what you want to do it edit the source code, IMG/folders name and thats where it is. So thats how to add images to an HTML file.

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