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If you don\'t know what a Film Noir is, watch and learn from this film making video tutorial. Film Noir is a cinematic term that depicts stylish Hollywood crime dramas, particularly emphasizing...

This is Part of the Lost in Zombieville Production Diaries. They are a series of short behind the scenes documentaries that are meant to show what goes on to create a film using 16mm.

http://www.insidegeek.ca - Today we will be looking at an application for the iPhone called Film Calculator. This application allows you to do different conversions for your film and video...

Welcome to the Film Lab - DIY filmmaking and how-to videos that show you how to do your thing, on the cheap, without sucking.

Our Anatomy of a Film Set series draws to a close with the hard-to-classify Specialists.  Don't forget to download your Anatomy of a FIlm Set wallpaper from the forums!

So you're a big time director now but oh no! you have to cast your first film! what ever will you do??? Don't worry, Steve Nelson is here to rescue you! ...because no one else was available...

Dr. Mike prescribes a healthy dose of pizza to battle a common affliction plaguing low-budget film sets all over.

In this filmmakers video go behind the scenes of a film set and see what the art department is responsible for.

HBO documentarian Edet Belzberg talks about the ins and outs of applying for funding a film.

An Excerpt from the Lost film tutorials apart of the Lost in Zombieville DVD. Check out why these students have chosen to follow the film route, and why they are choosing to teach to everyone......





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