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Measuring your kid's feet is really important. So that you will know what right size of shoe or sleeper to buy and to make you kid's feet comfortable. This video will show you how to measure your...

Your family albums are full of lovely pictures, but we know that sometimes taking family picture becomes a complicated task. Learn how to take great pictures of your family, your pets and your kids...

Why is it that someone else can tickle you, but you can't tickle yourself? See if this question can stump Dr. Charlotte Grayson.

How would you like to take great pictures of your kids? A few Digital photography tips are presented here by Nigel Barker.... with a little help from his friends. If you let the kids have fun,...

Learn how to Optimize the Panasonic G1/GH1 for kids or pets pictures in this digital Photography tutorial from LBGuides.

One of the very basic mathemathical operations that you need to explain your kids would be how to subtract feet and inches. Do you know how to do it? You need to start by showing them how to add...

Stilettos, platforms, flats, running shoes... everyone has their favorite footwear to walk those estimated eight thousand steps a day. (more)

Professional pet grooming guides: learn how to trim the hair on your dog's feet.

Want to find a good way to draw feet without them looking weird? On this lesson, our friend Mark is going to show you all about how to draw your characters feet without complications. You can...

Roger Gunn shares some tips & tricks for hitting a ball that landed below your feet.





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