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Heidi Hammel, senior research scientist at the Space Science Institute, talks about how Uranus and Neptune have a whole dynamism she did not expect.

And you asked about who is Neptune in mythology. Neptune is the god of the ocean in Roman mythology. He is a mysterious character and yet a very powerful god. Watch this video as more of these will...

Learn about The Weather on the Planet Neptune in this educational video from dizzo95.

This short video describes the planet Neptune, it's location in the Solar System, dimensions, and other characteristics, such as surface temperature.

The different planets of the solar system, this video focus' on Neptune.

Pay attention to the technique used by our aethetician specialist when it comes to give a massage on the sole of the foot, this massage the should be given with special firm pressure to avoid...

Have you ever heard the notion that your urine may treat some disorders? Is it true that peeing on your foot can cure athlete’s foot? Does it provide some relief from the itch and discomfort of...

Dr. Jeffrey Glaser from the Ryan Foot and Ankle Clinic talks about preventing diabetic foot complications.

Dr. Jeffrey Glaser from the Ryan Foot & Ankle Clinic talks about specialized foot care for diabetics.

What causes Athlete's Foot and the appearance of fungus, and how can it be treated? Find out more in this video.





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