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If you need to attend a casual business event or meeting, you need to dress according to the occasion to fit right in. On this lesson, Bruce is going to show you the tips you need to know when...

In this video, we discuss men's business casual attire.

This instructional step by step video will show how to accessorize your business casual look.

Today, we will teach you how to dress business casual. Men always have a confusion when asked to wear a business casual attire. Should you wear a coat? What tie color should you go for? Will you...

This video is a definite must-watch by women who are in the corporate arena. Every woman must know how to build their business casual wardrobe because it just not only help them on what to wear...

Do you want to look good without feeling uncomfortable or sweating too much during the summer season? On this lesson, we will tell you why women should wear breathable fabrics and how to avoid the...

Style wizards Terry and Jeff walk you through fashionable casual wear for men, and share a few tips to help you find those staple basics to make the most of your casual wardrobe.

This instructional step by step video will show how to accessorize your casual look.

SheSez stylist Linleigh Richker creates a great casual outfit for SheSez's Linda Grasso.

Create the perfect atmosphere for a casual dinner party with warm touches and a simple centerpiece. Floral and interior designer Rebecca Cole shows you how to set a great casual table for four.





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