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Join Shepherd Entertainment on a wonderful journey to explore how people get from one place to another in Japan.

Learn about the popular and healthy sushi, Geishas and Samurais.

In this video, learn more about the festivals, traditions, customs and art of Japan.

Join Shepherd Entertainment on a wonderful journey to Japan and learn about the mixing of traditional and Western cultures.

In this travel video learn about the great attractions that should make you want to visit Japan.

Travel to Japan and learn about Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines.

Join Shepherd Entertainment on a wonderful journey to the city of Kyoto in Japan.

A song about a young girl who witness the passion of Christ, and questions her Daddy about it. Quite moving.

See the famous cherry blossom all over Japan, Sumo wrestling and the Rocket Festival.

Learn about Japanese robotic technology, deep sea sharks, Osaka, kimonos and Japanese gardening art.





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