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Adrenalin helps humans get very focus to get out of danger zone. The human body has great storage of energy. It usually activates in times of emergency where a sudden release of energy enables us...

As we age, our muscles may grow big or small. However we were born with every fibers of our muscle that we own and that enables us to function. Under normal circumstances, a person may not be able...

Our sight is a complex system. At a challenge, our eyes can focus at a lightning speed. They allow us to see in the dark. Our brain even allow us to see even when we sleep. Our sight is very...

Our body is a complex system with great capabilities. Most of us may not realize that we can do certain things. In crises, the human body can exhilirate and can do unimaginable things. Our...

Sight guides the human body. Like no other creature in the world, our vision can distingusish 10 million colors. Switch focus to infinity and to the nearest point in a split of a second. Our vision...

Sensations can be controlled by our brains. Imagine having a dental work with no anesthesia. This is called hypnosis. Your brain can change pain signals and transform it to a different emotion...

On average a man spends at least 6 years throughout his life on dreams. As we sleep, we continue to learn the things that we had during the day. One of the things that is amazing about humans is...

Pain is the most fundamental sensation that a human body can feel. Pain is essential in our lives. It can distinguish harm and thus we can protect ourselves. In tremendous amount of pain where we...

Every decision occurs in our brains command. Our brain even controls what we think we like to eat. Our urge lies deep in the brain. It wants to feed. More than any organ of our body, our brain...

Our world is filled with visual information and sometimes our eyes just like to fill in the gaps. Visual illusions exploit on how we see the world. Magicians take advantage of this. In so many of...





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