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The glamour and style og the Geishas were inmortalize by the movie "Memories of a Geisha", which was not only a hit in the movie theatres but it was also a nice chance to dream into how would it be...

Check on our video how to make yourself look like a Geisha for your costume party. Its very important to get the right makeup and put a lot of enfasis on your eyes expression because they are the...

This makeup is perfect if you want to be a geisha for Halloween. A geisha is a Japanese female entertainer and this makeup will have you look stunning.

This great new look is for you and is really all you need to survive the pressure of looking good this Halloween. TO learn more of how you can be awesome and how to style your face like an Evil...

Ali Barrett from Beau Totale Salon and Spa, shows us what you need in order to create a sleek bun hairstyle.

Paris is on every magazine cover and all over E! Her hairstyle is always in and seems to be perfect the entire time. Start turning heads as she does getting her unique, charming, and classy...





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