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Dan Glickman, chairman and CEO of Motion Picture Association of America, discusses his idea of great films.

It's a Father's Day battle on FFtv! Get your hanky, and prepare for two dramatic films, based off the title "Farewell to Home." Special thanks to our expert guest judge, Justine Bateman, and our...

Producer and Director Barry Ptolemy talks about the trials and tribulations of movie making.

The choice is in your hands! Tell us which film (or set of films) are your favorite of the current Film Fights competition. Go to http://FilmFights.com and check them out on the site itself! Give...

Join Trip on a Deal's hosts as they look at the most shocking and most beautiful travel films on TripFilms.com. It's a whirlwind tour through China, Thailand, Vietnam, Ghana, Iceland's Blue Lagoon...

A look at gestures in silent films. Clips from public domain.

Marvin Zuckerman, professor Emeritus at the University of Delaware, talks about why horror movies are scary for some and not for others.

Detective Stache Lashley and Dan "Donuts" Davidson talk about the history of one of the most durable genre around in advance of Kevin Smith's Cop Out.

We challenged YOU to make horror films that involved cooking in our "Cooking Up Trouble" competition, and you did just that - a boyfriend turns into a horrible monster after eating tainted meat,...

In Chapter 2 of 16, IndieGoGo co-founder Slava Rubin shares how Sundance award-winning films "Dig!" and "We Live in Public" are two of many efforts utilizing IndieGoGo to connect content to...





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