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This lesson shows how to install the automatic transmission valve body. Step 1: look for the two spacer plate gasket Step 2: identify the 2 different gaskets for the case and the...

Dr. John Ikonomidis, a cardiac surgeon with MUSC, explains what is involved with an aortic valve replacement, which is an open-heart operation.

The proper and the safest way to tear down the automatic transmission valve body. (Be careful when handling the valve body because the electrical solenoids are fragile and the valve body webbing...

In this medical health video learn what is the difference between heart valve repair and replacement.

Transmission: http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/19378/transmission I will teach you how to use Transmission, and I will give you some tips so it will download faster!

This is a used car tutorial, in this video you will learn how to test the transmission on a used car.

This is an automotive tutorial on How to Look After Your Transmission Fluid.

This is a used car tutorial, in this video you will learn how to check a used car's transmission tests.

How to drive a manual transmission vehicle. This video series includes an overview of a stick-shift car.





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