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Hooman Majd, author and journalist, describes Iran’s relations with Syria, Egypt, and Iraq.

Welcome to the new wonder of the world. A truly wondrous place. A seven star hotel built by 250 designers. Made of 9000 tons of steel, 43000 square metres of glass, 13000 square metres of carrara...

Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg Websites and blogs: www.rabbiginsburg.podbean.com PODCASTS www.esynagogue.org cyber synagogue and all videos organized by category www.rabbireflects.blogspot.com main...

In this video, learn more about the life of the Arab leader, Abdul Nasser.

Burn your fat away with these amazing Arabic belly dance workout steps. This is the part 2 of the 4 part series of these videos.

Morocco is a fascinating travel destination. It's an Arab speaking country in North Africa, and is renowned for its beautiful architecture and weather.

Learn the art of belly dancing as well as shed your fat away by the Part 3 of the part 4 video series on doing the Arabic belly dancing as your workout.

Belly Dancing is a Western term for a traditional Arab dance genre known as raqs sharqi. This dance is practiced worldwide. It is a fun thing to do and a good exercise for men and women alike. For...





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