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This video by TV360 offers you expert advice on the differences between an ankle strain and an ankle sprain.

Coming back from an ankle injury? Make sure you protect that ankle by learning how to wrap it. This will allow you to continue your physical activities without having to worry about spraining your...

Standard Ankle Taping for Lateral Ankle Sprain. Athletic Trainer Marty Sataloff covers how to evaluate and rehabilitate common hamstring injuries and how to get the player ready for participation.

Dr. Horton describes what an ankle sprain is and how to treat it.

Dr. Horton introduces himself and describes ankle arthritis and the symptoms.

Two-million people visit the doctor every year because of pain from ankle arthritis or fractures. For some, ankel fusion was the only option to ease the pain, but it made the ankle stiff. A...

Dr. Horton describes the causes of ankle arthritis and how it develops.

Did you feel a sudden pain on your ankle? Does it hurt much? Maybe its sprained ankle. In this video, we will show you on how to treat a sprained ankle.

Want to know how to tape an ankle? An ankle is being taped when it is injured or preventing it to be injured. Ankle is most prone to injuries for runners and athletes. In this video, we will show...





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