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American Idol is the hit TV Show that everyone knows about. If you do not know what it is, you must be living under a rock or in a cave. Josh Cloud gives advice to people who want to try out for...

As the new American Idol is about to be picked, Better.TV went to the streets to find out who your favorite American Idol is.

So you think you're the next American Idol? If you have the will power, looks, edge, and voice to prove it- you just might be. Here are some things that might just come in handy when becoming the...

As the 8th season of America's favorite talent competion begins, take a look back this summer when thousands sang their hearts out in preliminary rounds in the Possibility City. Dining at Proof on...

Better.TV's Lesley Nagy interviews American Idol contestant Bo Bice about life after the big contest. Bo also sings one of his songs for you in this video.

Better.TV's Rhiannon Ally talks to American Idol Contestant Katie Stevens about being her dream to be on American Idol and being voted off.

Fame and Fortune are just out of grasp! Yes, you can become the next American Idol. Millions audition, but only one can win. With talent like yours, what's stopping you? Here is how you can...

Hollyscoop caught up with Casey James from American Idol at the KISS FM Purse Party. He talked about his American Idol performance with Bret Michaels, the American Idol Tour & the scoop on him...

If you are planning on trying out for American Idol, you should learn how to deal with the judges. Josh Cloud has first hand experience because he was a contestant. Learn how you can deal with the...

For many singers out there who want to try out for American Idol, see what it is like to be actually on the show. Josh Cloud is here with TVLesson.com to tell you his experience.





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