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How to Recover from a Fall Gracefully

By: swelsh100

  I don’t know about you, but I think falling is hilarious. Whether it’s a toddler learning to walk, a cocky guy attempting to look awesome or a friend who’s not paying attention, tripping is funny (unless they severely hurt themselves). Even though tripping elicits a good laugh, sometimes it can be mortifying and you just need to recover quickly, and with dignity, here’s how.



Don’t roll around. After face planting, the natural tendency may be to lay on the ground and wallow in your now wounded pride, deny that intuition. Quickly rise and dust yourself off. If it was a bad fall, check for wounds.



Don’t look back. Another instinct that sets in after a fall is to look back at the cause of the fall. If you are attempting to gracefully arise from the hiccup in your walk, don’t look back because it will seem as though the fall has embarrassed you. Just rise up and continue on your way.



Don’t hang your head. If you want to walk away with your self-esteem in tact, don’t hang your head or look around like a shamed puppy. Hold your head high and if you feel strong enough, let out a little giggle. Even though it can be embarrassing, falling is still funny even when it happens to you.




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