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How to Make a Woman Feel Better During Her Period

By: lmiclat

  Men...your first gut might say "STAY AWAY!" but you know what, things can be done differently. You must empathize when a woman goes through her monthly menstruation cycle. Think about it, for a straight week, she endures cramps, headaches, mood swings, bloating and worst of all packages of tampons and pads. How would you feel if you were in her position? Wouldn't you want her to care for you? Here's what can be done for a woman on her period.



imgMake her feel good about herself. Tell her things that she wants to hear. Like "no! you don't look fat!" or give her little things that she would like, like chocolate, comfort food and pat on the back.



Comfort her. Give her a massage. Hold her hand. Give her a hug. Even pet her head. Any nice gentle touch will make her feel better and make her bloating less severe.



imgHelp her out with things. She does so many things around the house. She does the dishes, the cooking and the laundry. She picks up after you. Do something to return the favor. Febreeze is the easiest way to do this as well as the dishwasher.



imgMake her feel loved and appreciated. Get her one of those "#1 GIRLFRIEND" mugs or tell her how awesome she is. Especially when she does the things you like to do.



imgDon't act disgusted. Even though the thought of her period is yucky, just deal. Understand that when she gets her period it's a GOOD thing and that it will be over in a week or so.



imgMake her smile. Make her laugh. Everyone likes to laugh. Tell her some toilet jokes or some man jokes. Make her watch G4 with you or It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. When you do this, you're spending time with HER and therefore she will be grateful.



Get her out of the house. Ask her if she'd like to go get some fast food or watch some action movies. If you go out on a walk let her run and you walk. She's getting exercise and it's good for the both of you.



imgLastly if all else fails, DON'T TELL HER SHE WILL GET OVER IT. Just turn the other cheek and bolt.




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