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How to Make a Cop Suspicious

By: swelsh100

  Most of us needn’t fear the law, but despite that fact, how fun would it be to just pretend for a while that you are a man or woman on the run? Making a cop suspicious is quite easy, as they are trained to have an observant and keen eye. Try following these simple steps and see if you can raise a red flag.



Appear anxious. When you pull up next to a cop, appear fidgety, avoid eye contact and make awkward movements.



Act alert. Get those hands into 10 and 2 formation quick.



Stare. Cops are always scanning their surroundings, position yourself in clear sight and stare, hold the gaze for as long as you feel comfortable.



Quicken the pace. When you see an officer, make the sudden spring in your step obvious. As you speed past, look back as if you are running from a threat.



Fake phone call/text. With your hands visible, pretend that you have your phone in your hand and fake a conversation. When the officer looks over, hold it for a couple seconds then reveal your empty hands for a gotcha moment.



Tips & Warnings

  • If you do have a warrant out, do not try any of these
  • If you are skittish by nature, do not follow these steps; you could wind up confessing to something you didn’t do.


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How to Make a Cop Suspicious


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Home >> Entertainment >> Film & Movies >> How to Make a Cop Suspicious





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