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How to Prepare for a Detox

By: nicolecarson

  Preparing for a detox is just as important as the detox itself. If you go cold turkey and cut everything out of your diet except for fruits, veggies and brown rice, you’re going to shock your system. Take it slow and you’re more likely to succeed.


Things you will need:
  • Patience
  • Planning

Increase your water intake. It’s essential to make sure you are drinking enough water, especially when you are detoxing. Water helps flush on the toxins that are going to be released.



Reduce your caffeine consumption. Whether you drink tea, coffee or soda you’ll need to stop all of them during your detox. By slowly reducing your intake over the next week, you’ll reduce your risk of withdrawal headaches.



Start drinking green smoothies. This is a simple way to increase your fruits and vegetables.



Exercise daily. Whether you go to the gym or walk your neighborhood, it is important to keep the body moving. This is a god habit to get into, so when you start your detox, you will help flush the toxins our quicker.



Schedule a massage. It’s important to pamper yourself during your detox. By making an appointment ahead of time you’ll be able to anticipate some relaxation. Massage also gets the lymph moving, helping in the detox process.



Clear your schedule. I know that this can be difficult, but it’s important to have as little stress as possible during your detox. Make sure to schedule time for reflection, rather than another trip to the mall.



Tips & Warnings

  • Once, you start your detox; remember to be gentle with yourself. A detox is hard work both mentally and physically. Read, take baths and drink some herbal tea. You deserve it!


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