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How to Freshen Your Dresser Draws (5 options)

By: swelsh100

  Have your old dresser drawers started to produce an odd odor that’s getting onto your clothing? Instead of frequently rewashing garments and wasting water, freshen your drawers with one the many home remedies. Read on to discover which option will work best for you.


Things you will need:
  • Tea-bag
  • Dryer Sheet
  • Potpourri
  • Cedar Block
  • or
  • Frebreeze

Tea-bag. Most teas have a strong scent, choose one from the thousands of blends out there and simply drop one or two bags into your drawers for a fresher scent.



Dryer sheet. The sheets that freshen your clothes in the drying cycle don’t have to be limited to the dryer, throw a fresh sheet into your drawer, and you’ve got an instant deodorizer.



Potpourri. Either purchase or create your own potpourri sachet, and place in drawers for a strong but pleasant smell.



Cedar block. This is the traditional option, simply purchase a cedar block and pop it in the drawer.



Febreeze. Remove clothes and spray a light mist into the drawer, let it sit for a few minutes and return clothes to their original resting spot.




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