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How to Melt Your Girlfriend's Heart

By: LizzyH

  Guys usually think women are impossible to figure out and that no matter what a boyfriend does, he will always get in trouble somehow. Well, this may be almost true. However, there are a few ways to touch your girlfriend's heart that will surely make her forget about whatever silly thing she may be mad at you for. Try these tips and you should be up on a pedestal in no time, at least for a little while.



Send her flowers at work, just because.



Text her in the middle of the day just to say, “I miss you.”



Be extremely nice and helpful to her family, especially an aging and hard-to-deal-with grandparent or parent.



Give her a puppy, or any other cute, furry pet.



Watch a Jane Austen adaptation film with her.



Win a stuffed animal for her at the county fair.



Serve her breakfast in bed.



Take her away to a bed & breakfast.



Leave her notes in random spots around the house that just say, “hi,” or “love you.”



Pick up a box of her tampons when you stop by Costco.



Tips & Warnings

  • Don't do these things too often, or you'll smother her in love and make it less effective.


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