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How to Keep Your Wallet Full

By: AbeLuke

  It's hard to save up money when you are constantly spending; It's hard to live life without spending. Here are someways to prevent yourself from becoming a shopaholic and keep your wallet nice and full.



First evaluate your finances and determine how much free spending you can do (this doesn't include paying bills) for the entire month. Then divide it by the number of weeks. This is your "weekly allowance"



At the beginning of each week take out only your weekly allowance. This will be cash you keep in your wallet at all times. This is money to be spent on: movies, eating out, and recreation.

By only taking out a week's allowance you limit your spending and keep your wallet full.



Leave the cards at home, or in the car, or better yet in a block of ice. Now, you should have access to your cards in case of emergencies and for paying rent, utilities, and other bills.



If you end up spending all of your allowance within the first days- oh well. You can only spend that much money per week; however, you can "roll" over your cash to the next week. Let's say you don't spend all of your money for that week, then feel free to save it for the next week and use it then.




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