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How to Make a Grid in Photography

By: Monica M

  Learn how to make a grid. A kind of photography that can be used to tell a story, map out an event and much more!


Things you will need:
  • digital camera
  • photoshop
  • computer

To make this grid you will need to take 20 4x5 pictures and place them into a 16x20 photo. If you want to make the grid bigger than 16x20 then just either take more photos or make the photos bigger than 4x5.



There are four types of grids. Longitudinal, mapping, narrative and a collection of related images.



A mapping grid would show what a person saw at every subway they went to in New York. So it maps out a day or a week or an event.



A narrative of course would tell a story, so if your pictures want to make a certain statement about politics, or roles in society, discrimination, etc. Or even a story about how your family came to the US or a car accident.



A collection of related images can be one picture but taken at different angles that if put together can weirdly make that one picture. weird? Just take a picture of a person sitting but take them at different angles. Then put those different angles together to make one picture of the person sitting.



Then you can also have a grid that just shows the same kind of things, places in italy, flowers, etc. But nonetheless, the grid should have meaning.



So before taking pictures you first should write a proposal. A proposal has your idea and what your statement is then the other half is how you think you will portray this. So if you want to talk about the enviroment and how much we waste. You can take pictures of all the plastic bags you see on the streets. Or take a picture of all the plastic you use in one day, etc.




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Home >> Arts & Hobbies >> Balloons >> How to Make a Grid in Photography





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