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How to Tease Your Hair

By: ninja_k

  Let’s stop lying to ourselves: bigger is better! At least, when it comes to hair it is. A little volume can make any hairstyle look instantly sexy. Follow these instructions to take your hair to the next level and then some.


Things you will need:
  • Teasing brush or comb
  • Medium-to-Extra Hold hairspray

Start with your hair down and already styled (straightened, curled, etc).



Take a small section of your hair, starting from the very top of your head and lift it up.



Using a medium-to-extra hold hairspray, spray the section at the roots and let it dry for a few seconds.



imgUsing a comb (preferably a teasing brush, but a small comb will do also), start from about halfway up the section of hair and, holding it up with one hand, push the hair down toward your scalp with the comb. Do this a few times until the hair begins to rat. The more you rat, the bigger your hair will be. Let the section of hair fall forward when you’re finished.



Next, take another section right below the one you just teased (try to take pieces that are somewhat wide – about 4 or 5 inches). Lift this section and repeat the teasing motion, then let it fall forward.



Repeat this, working your way down the back of your scalp until you get to the occipital bone in the back of your head (about where your ears end).



Flip your hair back to normal. It may look somewhat scary at this point, but don’t be afraid! Use a comb or the teasing brush to smooth it out and brush it down. You can also take a section from in front of where you started teasing and flip it back over the teased hair to make it look smoother (Unless you prefer the Russell Brand look, which can be sexy too!).



Tips & Warnings

  • Teasing works better on unwashed hair.


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