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For Girls: How to Avoid an Argument With Your Boyfriend

By: ninja_k

  Ladies, we’re in trouble here. I’m coming to you having witnessed, first-hand, the overly dramatic soap operas we can sometimes turn our relationships into. I know, they just don’t get it, do they? But come on, girls, let’s be realistic. Are we not just the slightest bit insane? Or at least we can be. We’ve all had our moments. No need to worry, though. With a few small tips, we can all learn to get the most out of our theatrical love lives.


Things you will need:
  • Patience
  • An Open Mind
  • Understanding
  • Confidence

Stop over-analyzing.
He says what he means and he means what he says. So if he says he’s tired, it doesn’t mean he hates spending time with you or that he’s cheating on you. Reading into every little thing he says will lead you to blurt out some random, out-of-nowhere accusation during an otherwise small tiff.



Pause, reflect, restore.
I’ve found that many women have a hard time identifying their feelings, whereas men seem to know immediately what’s bothering them. This means that, during an argument, you may have a hard time expressing the route of your anger. This leads him to think that you’re just being dramatic and vague. Solution? Take time to clear your thoughts and calm down before you jump the gun. We also tend to fly off the handle quickly, so this will give you an opportunity to think rationally about what is really bothering you before you find yourself yelling at him for something you forgave him for seven months ago.



Tell him what you’re thinking.
Let’s face it; he isn’t the most complicated of puzzles. When it comes to your complex emotions and feelings, you can barely understand them yourself. Don’t expect him to. His thought process is simple, and chances are he will probably grow frustrated if you give too many explanations with no real conclusions. Follow a simple problem-solution dialogue and you two may even find yourselves on the same page.



Stop playing mind games.
Why, ladies, why? We all do it. You’re mad that he doesn’t want to go shopping with you, so you tell him you’re canceling next year’s cruise. He’s not a mind reader; so stop expecting him to know exactly what to do when you’re upset. Give him a simple explanation and tell him how he can make it better. You know he wants you to!



Give him space.
When in an argument, he may retreat and not respond to anything you’re saying. Instead of getting angrier, take some time to yourself as well. Once the two of you have cooled off, you can calmly address the issue.



Kill the green monster.
You know what I’m talking about. There’s no need to obsess about his ex-girlfriends, crushes, or whatever it may be. The bottom line is that he is with you for a reason, and if he’s a good guy, he’s not going anywhere. So let the man breathe!



My #1 rule: Keep it Breezy!
Be confident enough in yourself not to have to call him six times a day to check up on him. Be your own individual and have a life outside of you and him. It will help you center yourself and maintain your own life. And when you do see him, it will be that much more exciting. With an independent attitude and a healthy mindset, you’ll be sure to have the love you truly deserve.




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