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How to Dismantle a Piano

By: swelsh100

  Have you ever wondered what the inside of your piano looks like? Or, asked yourself if you could take one apart? It is a lot easier than you might think. To achieve success, you will need patience, determination and an acute attention to detail.


Things you will need:
  • Spinet Upright Piano
  • Floor Space
  • Screwdriver

Before removing anything, clear the floor space below the piano in preparation for the key levers.



Lift the entire lid.



After the lid is removed, take your screwdriver (flathead or Phillips depending on the screw) and unscrew key covering and place off to the side.



Beginning with the key lever furthest to the left, grab key lever with thumb and index finger and slowly lift the key lever straight up making sure to keep it level to begin with, then tilt the ivory end up releasing the brass screw. Then gently pull the key lever out.



Set each key on the floor in the same order that you removed it, so that you can easily reset them in the correct order.



Tips & Warnings

  • This task was performed on Wurlitzer Spinet Upright Piano, it’s make up may differ from other models.


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