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How to Surprise your Husband on Valentine's Day

By: AbeLuke

  He's been such a good husband and you want to surprise him for Valentine's day. You know a tie just wont cut it- it has to be something your husband will really love. Here are some ideas on gifts to surprise your Husband this Valentine's day.



Nothing say "love" to a man than tickets to a sporting even! Surprise your Husband by purchasing tickets for you both to go see his favorite sports team.



Go out with him- I mean Outdoors. You can surprise your husband with a scuba diving lesson or rock climbing. If you really want to surprise your Husband this Valentine's day, take him to skydiving lessons! Go extreme!



A "Guy's Night Out Certificate"- he can use this one time to get out of a girly-activity and go have a beer with his buds.



The way to a man's heart is indeed through his stomach. Take him out to a nice romantic dinner. Surprising your husband with food is always a winner.



Buy him a Leather Jacket- hello, Harrison Ford. Every man secretly desires a nice leather jacket. Surprise your Husband this Valentine's day with the perfect outerwear.



Men are to cars as women are to fashion- the love to accessorize! Buy him little gadgets and accessories for his car or motorcycle. He'll love this Valentine's day surprise.



Men are easy to please- surprise him with a DVD or video game. You can watch or play together.



You can even surprise your husband with a subscription to his favorite magazine. This may not seem like much, but men love it.



Surprise your husband on Valentine's day with flower! Most men admit that they would enjoy receiving flowers.



Purchase a signed copy of your husband's favorite childhood comic book. This is a perfect surprise for those action-figure collecting husbands.




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