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How to Surprise your Wife on Valentine's Day

By: AbeLuke

  You don't want to make the mistake of getting your wife something she wont like or enjoy for Valentine's day, but you also want to surprise your wife with something special to celebrate. Here are some gift ideas to surprise your Wife this Valentine's day.



Try planning a romantic get-away for the two of you. Think of a place she always wanted to go. Make sure to book and reserve ahead of time so you don't end up somewhere without plans.



Give her a certificate for a day at the spa- or even better a couples day at the spa. The two of you can spend time together as you get massages and the treatment of kings and queens.



Have her catered by a personal chef. They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, but I think it's the same for women. A gourmet meal is a great way to surprise your wife on Valentine's day.



You can try surprising your wife by hiring a maid for the day or week. This will give her the chance to relax and spend alone time with you.



You can even offer to be the maid. Nothing is sexier than a man in an apron. Surprise her by letting her know you will take care of all the chores.



Take your wife out to a play, concert, or movie she has been looking forward to. You can make it a surprise by telling her to dress up for dinner out, and then showing up at the theatre or concert hall.



A classic Valentine's day surprise is a horse and carriage ride through the park. This is very romantic and will be a great way to surprise your wife.



Surprise her with Jewelry. Cliche? Maybe. But Diamonds are a girl's best friend.



A more modern surprise for your wife could be a digital photo frame. Make sure to upload plenty of pictures of the two of you as a couple. This makes a nice Valentine's day surprise for your wife.




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