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How to Treat Dry African American Hair

By: AbeLuke

  Not all hair is the same. Sometimes dry hair can be stressful for African American women, but there are numerous products and methods to help keep your beautiful hair moisturized.



Only wash your hair every other day. African American hair needs time to let natural moisturizes infuse with the roots. This will help prevent drying out your hair.



Don't use just any products...find a good shampoo and conditioner that contains the ingredient: humectants. Many African American women use this to lock in that silky texture.



If your hair is unmanageable, you should massage into the roots of your hair foam pomade. This will tame your wild hair by weighing it down.



Use caution when using a blow dryer. Use a low level heat on your hair dryer to prevent damaging your beautiful hair. Some African American women use a diffuser attached to the end of the hair dryer. This helps protect the hair.



Every so often, let your hair naturally dry. This will give your hair a break from the damages of heat-drying. African American hair drys quickly, so the use of hair dryers, flat irons, and curling irons adds extra heat that is potentially dangerous for the hair.




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