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How to Facebook Stalk

By: AbeLuke

  You've heard the term Social Networking, well this is Social Net-Lurking. Here is how to use Facebook as a means of finding out about a certain him or her you're interested in. You might be surprised what a little Facebook stalking can tell you.


Things you will need:
  • A Facebook Account

Look up their name on facebook. If you've seen them before you should be able to pick out their photo in a line up. In order to find out what you need to know, you have to get to their Facebook page.



If you are lucky, they wont have their privacy settings on. If they do you may not be able to find out much about them.



First thing to do when you are on their page is check out their pictures. The trick is to look at photos they were tagged in, not just the ones they uploaded to their Facebook page. Tagged photos give you an opportunity to see them in pictures that they haven't deemed worthy to post themselves- Now you know what your guy or girl looks like in all occasions.



Now find out their information. Click the info tab on the navigation. This will show you their birthday, networks, hometown,sex, sexual orientation, what kind of relationships they are pursuing, if they are single or taken, and their political and religious views. Trust me this is a whole lot quicker than have a conversation with the person. You should be able to get valuable information about the person to help mold your opinion.



Next, see which friends you have in common. This can tip you off to what their personality might be like. After all you are most like your friends. Note any common friends who you like and don't like. Keep in mind however, that being Facebook friends doesn't mean that they go clubing together every weekend.



See what groups and fan pages they are a part of. Who knows, you might both love Glee! Or you might both be a part of the Save the Pandas group. This can give you insight into hobbies and interests.



Most importantly check out their wall. A Facebook wall can reveal the way the person thinks, feels, and expresses themselves. They might post links to other site, their status might have a lyric from a song you like, or their friends might have commented on something that just might tip you off to key information. The Facebook wall is used best to discover the person's statuses. This is the ultimate Facebook stalking tool. It will let you know what they are doing and thinking every time they post.



Soon you will have gathered enough information to fully understand the person. You might even add them as a friend...or send them a message...or maybe even request them to be your neighbor on Farmville!



Tips & Warnings

  • Also check out any videos they have posted- you might get to hear their voice or see them in action.
  • Use Facebook to show them to friends to get their opinion on the person.
  • If you aren't sure how to start communication with the person after adding them, try liking a post they put up. From there you can gradually increase.
  • Stalking is creepy.


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