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How to Skip Class and not Get Caught

By: AbeLuke

  It's senior year, so who really needs to go to class? Trust me there are WAY better things you could be doing.



If you drive yourself to school- you've got nothing to worry about! Just don't go. Be careful though, some people may recognize your car driving around and that wont look so good.



If you walk to school, same thing. Only you just have to worry about your mom's Bingo partner seeing you at the BurgerKing.



Make sure that your school wont class home if you are absent. Some schools only call if you are absent for more than 4 classes. Find out what the policy is at your school and only ditch the number of classes you can get away with.



Go somewhere that people wont recognize you. A movie theater is a good idea. It's dark, you can enjoy a movie, and most people wont be there in the middle of the day.



Having a ditching buddy is always fun, but can be tricky. There is more of a risk of getting caught if there is more than one of you. Avoid going to the mall if there is more than one of you- security tend to be on the lookout for truant students.



Always have a plan for getting back to school or going back home at the end of the day. Make sure you arrive the same time you normally would. This will shake off any suspicion.



Tips & Warnings

  • If you are old enough or look old enough to be an adult you wont have to worry so much going places.
  • Ditching will effect your school work. Students who skip class are likely to fail.


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Home >> High School >> AP Classes >> How to Skip Class and not Get Caught





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