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How He Hugs and What it Reveals about Him

By: Monica M

  What does his hug mean? His hug could mean many things, does he like you? Does he only think of your as a friend? etc. This are article will tell you what to look out for when your guy gives you a hug.



imgIf he comes up behind you and wraps his arms around your chest. If he does this that usually means he really REALLY likes you or he's in love. A body language expert says that him covering your back conveys that he want to shelter you and take care of you. Though if he does it TOO much that could mean he's scared. Like he is trying to avoid hugging you face to face because he is not too sure that you are into him as much as he's into you.



If he softly strokes your back when hugging that usually means the he really cares about you and he wants to protect you. Though if the soft strokes turn into heavy strokes that could mean he's turned on. Whether it is soft or heavy it could also mean that he is sad or upset and he just doesn't want to admit it so instead he just wants a nice good hug.



If he pats your upper back when hugging then it could mean a few different things. It could mean he's not into you, usually men hug their guy friends with a pat. If he keeps on doing the pat hug it means the relationship isn't growing and their is no spark OR he is mad at you. The pat isn't ALWAYS bad though. If he doesn't do it every time then its okay, for an example if he pats your before you give a speech, the pat is for encouragement. If you guys are in public maybe he doesn't like PDA so he gives you a pat instead or maybe he is just occupied and is in the middle of something and is just not thinking straight. As long as the hug isn't always a pat than you are fine!



If he places his hands on your lower back while hugging and pulls your toward him then that means he wants you, and wants to get closer to your phsyically. The farther down his hands go the more excited he gets. If he also touches his head to yours it means that he wants to get closer emotionally as well. The hugs represents that he wants your relationships to be than just a fling.




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How He Hugs and What it Reveals about Him


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Home >> Dating & Relationships >> Break Up >> How He Hugs and What it Reveals about Him





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