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How to Know if Someone is Stalking You

By: kcervantes100

  You know that feeling you get when it feels like someone is watching you or walking behind you, even if you can’t hear anything? That intuition is usually accurate and it’s purpose is to keep you safe. If you’re feeling followed, creeped out, or wondering if you’re being stalked, then read the following guidelines to see what red flags are coming up.



1. Even if you don’t see anyone behind you or in the corner of your eye, but you feel like something is there, it probably is. Trust your instincts and take it as a warning that some might be nearby.



2. You probably have a stalker if you’re getting unusual phone calls of a phone number you don’t recognize or if someone keeps breathing into the phone or just hanging up.



3. If you find a rose randomly on your car or on your doorstep, it probably wasn’t blown over from the neighbor’s yard, like you want to believe.



4. Shakespeare died a long time ago, so don’t expect that he’s the one writing you all of those sonnets and putting them in your mailbox. If you’re getting romantic letters and poems with no one signing them, then that’s a dead (no pun intended) giveaway that you probably have a stalker.



5. Another sign is if you’re getting friend requests on social networking sites of people you don’t know or messages from someone you’ve never met.



6. If you begin to feel as if you’re not safe anywhere you go or if you’re afraid to go outside, then that gut feeling you’re getting is trying to tell you something.



7. The main thing to remember is to trust how you feel and to call the police if you have proof and a feeling that someone is stalking you.



Tips & Warnings

  • -If you ever feel in danger call 911 immediately and don’t take stalking as a joke.


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