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How to Know if You're Being Haunted

By: viviennebarlow

  If there's something strange in the neighborhood, who you gonna call? Well, since there isn't really a Ghostbusters, you will have to detect paranormal activity on your own. Here are some ways to tell if you have extra company from beyond the grave.



Keep an eye on things in your house. Do you find that small things are being moved. Take pictures of an area, and then compare later to see if things have been moved.



Pay attention to strange smells that come out of nowhere. If they're rather pungent and have no reason for smelling like that, then there may be something strange going on.



You may start to feel as though someone is watching or touching you random. You may get goosebumps and have your hair stand up on end at random.



f you have an animal, pay attention to any change in behavior. If you notice your dog or cat watching something from across the room, or barking at what seems to be nothing, you may have a ghost in the room. Animals have heightened senses that can detect things most humans can't.



Keep your ears open for random sounds, such as tapping, bumping or scraping that normally wouldn't occur in your place. Even further than that, listen for voices, crying and whispering.



If you feel a change in temperature, such as hot to cold, there may a presence of something non-human with you.



Tips & Warnings

  • Do not let the ghost know you're scared. While most ghosts aren't harmful, showing fear will give it power.
  • If things escalate, look into calling in a professional for help (yes, something like Ghostbusters). Do not try doing it yourself.


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