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How to Make a Balloon Spider

By: Monica M



Things you will need:
  • 2 round, black helium-quality balloons
  • black construction paper
  • black string or yarn
  • transparent adhesive tape (not invisible tape)
  • large white self-adhesive labels
    shape stickers or hole reinforcements, scissors, markers, large bowl.

Get your two balloons and blow them up. One should be full sized for the body and the other one should be smaller for the head. Tie the ends of both balloons together and tie a string securely around the knot.



Cut out 8 long pieces of tape in advanced. Have someone else cut 8 long strips of construction paper out, about 3cm(1 1/8 in.) wide . Hold the spider steady and tape on the legs.Tape 4 legs to each side of the body, 2 towards the front and 2 towards the back. Bend the legs as desired. Note: Once tape has been stuck to the balloon it cannot be removed without causing the balloon to pop!



With markers draw eyes and mouth on a piece of paper. Cut them out and stick it to the spiders head. Add any other decoration on his body and then tape a long string to the top of the spider so you can hang him some place in your house!




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How to Make a Balloon Spider


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Home >> Arts & Hobbies >> Balloons >> How to Make a Balloon Spider





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