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How Much are You Supposed to Weigh According to your Height

By: Monica M

  Health and fitness are major concerns in our lives, to keep track and set a weigh-loss goal it is important to know your ideal weight range. This will tell you how much you should technically weigh according to your height!



First you must know how tall you are. If you are by yourself, simply, take off your shoes and stand against a wall. Arrange your feet together, flat on the floor. Place a pencil parallel to the floor across the top of your head and lightly make a mark on your wall. Measure the distance from the bottom of the floor to the mark with measuring tape. If you have a friend, he/she can do this for you.



Now it is important to find out what kind of bone structure you have. If you have a small frame you will weigh less and therefore if you have a larger frame, you will weigh more. To determine the size of your bones---small, medium or large---use this test: Wrap your pointing finger and thumb around your wrist. If your fingers overlap, you have a small bone structure. If they do not touch, you have a large bone structure. If your fingers gently touch then your bone structure is considered normal size.



Now that you have your height and bone structure you can begin to determine your ideal weight. Women: If you're 5 feet tall, your base ideal weight is 100 pounds. For each additional inch over 5 feet, add five pounds to that number. For example, if you are 5'2'', your base ideal weight is 110 pounds. Men: At 5 feet tall, your base ideal weight is 106 pounds. For each additional inch over 5 feet, add six pounds to that number.



Once you got your weight you have to factor in your bone construction. If you have small bones, subtract 10 percent from that base ideal weight. If you have large bones, add 10 percent to the base ideal weight. If you have average-sized bones, do not alter this number.



To get the lower end of your range, subtract eight pounds from your new number. Now, to get the heigher end of your weight range, add eight pounds to your original number.

This is a healthy weight range for your body.



Of course you have to keep other factors in mind.

For example: if you have very large breasts, then your ideal weight will probably adjust 2 to 5 pounds.
If you're a body builder, chances are these numbers do not apply to you.

These are case-by-case scenarios and the best person to consult on this matter is your personal doctor.




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