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How to Trace a Picture

By: Monica M

  When you are a drawing a detailed picture you want to first trace to get the concept of it on your paper. Here is an easy to do so and some cool tips!


Things you will need:
  • the picture you want to draw
  • paper
  • pencils
  • ball point pen
  • kneaded eraser
  • removable tape

imgFirst you can't use a picture that is on photo paper. Copy it and put the picture on regular cheap paper in black and white.



imgNow turn the picture over and get your 3B or 4B pencil (a thick pencil, a 5B, 6B is fine as well) and just color in the whole back page. Sribble and cover every inch you want to trace. Don't leave in whole that show white.



imgTurn the picture over and tape it correctly to the piece of paper you are going to draw the picture on.



imgOnce the papers are secure together get your ball point pen and trace your picture. Trace EVERYTHING. Don't press to hard though or you will leave an imprint in your drawing paper and it won't look good in the end. So LIGHTLY trace your picture.



Once done, take the picture off and you will see on your paper you have a light outline or your picture,



imgIf you want to make the outline darker, then get your 2H pencil and nothing more than a 2H and re-trace whats on your paper. Once you have retraced everything, get your kneaded eraser and simply tap over your drawing. TAP not rub. You will see the the eraser is removing the light trace marks and keeping the sharper trace marks making your drawing look cleaner and easier to see!




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Home >> Arts & Hobbies >> Balloons >> How to Trace a Picture





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