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How to Connect Your Phone to Your Car

By: sokho

  You will learn how to connect your phone to your car so when picking up calls you are hands free.


Things you will need:
  • A Phone with Bluetooth
  • A car that has the bluetooth function

imgFirst, Go into your phone and press the menu button. After pressing the button, you should be on the main menu which should look something like the image to the left.



When on the main menu page, click on the Setting and Tools section and a list of sections should come out again.



imgClick on the section related to bluetooth.



After go into the options of bluetooth and put the discovery mode on.



After the discovery mode is on, add a device by pressing the button for add a new device and if your car is started, the bluetooth should be able to find your car if the phone is inside or near the car.




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Home >> Cars & Motorcycles >> Buying >> How to Connect Your Phone to Your Car





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