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How to Make Facebook Emoticons

By: viviennebarlow

  Facebook is filled with fun and exciting emoticons! Here's how to do each one!


Things you will need:
  • A Facebook account
  • Someone to talk to on Facebook

imgTo do the common smiley face, simply do :). For a laughing face, :D. If you would like to wink, do ;). To stick out your tongue at your fellow Facebook chatter, type :P.



imgTo get a bit more creative with your emotions, you can be sad by typing :(, and to show that you are crying, :'(. If you would like to look grumpy, type >:-(, and if you're laughing, >:o.



imgTo make a smiley that is very happy, type in ^_^. For a shocked face, :o. If you are confused, create a the confused emoticon by typing :/. To make a "cat smile," type :3. And if you're a little weirded out by something, O.o.



imgIf you'd like to get a bit more creative, make a devil by entering 3:), and if you've been good, an angel is O:). To make a kissing face, type :*, and if you'd like a heart <3.



imgTo make a smiley with glasses, 8). If you'd like a cool little guy with some shades, type 8-|.



imgIf you really want to have fun with the Facebook smilies, you can make a Pacman by typing :v, a robot by entering :|], a man's face by typing :putnam: and a shark by putting in (^^^).




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