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How to Annotate a Book Quickly

By: Jennay Changg

  Need to annotate a book for english class the day before it is due? Well, no problem. With these suggestions, you can annotate it in time for tomorrow's class without stressing too much.


Things you will need:
  • book
  • pen
  • highlighter (optional)

There are many ways to annotate a book. Some people prefer marking the book first, and then later going back to fill it in, and others annotate while they mark in their books. It doesn't matter whichever method you choose. However, choose the one you are most comfortable with to be able to annotate quickly and effectively.



First, look for conversations between characters in the book. You can insert sentimental phrases such as: how sad or that is so impolite, to quickly add notes.



Also try searching for characters actions or feelings and come up with a question ("Why did he/she do that?"). Try not to read the book, but skim it and find key points to save time.



Another part to notice in books are the descriptions. Those are usually the key symbols in the novel. Color can represent a certain emotion (red:love or hate, white: purity, naivety). Make sure to underline most of the passage to make it seem longer.



Look for figurative language while skimming through the novel (similes, metaphors, imagery, etc.). They are good to include and also make sure to elaborate on those literary devices. (Ex.: imagery-red: The protagonist hates the antagonist very much.)



After you are done annotating the whole book, the teacher might announce a pop quiz, so make sure you are ready for it. Research a little on sparknotes or other sites on the story plot, quotes, themes, and character analysis.



Tips & Warnings

  • black, thick pens help make the book seem more filled with information
  • try adding more arrows around the passages, but make sure not to make it look messy


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