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How to Create 1940's Waves

By: viviennebarlow

  The style of the 1940's waves are stylish and beautiful. Follow these steps to find out how to create the waves for a night out on the town, or a day at the office.


Things you will need:
  • Hairspray that protects against heat
  • Rollers
  • A vented hairbrush
  • Anti-frizz serum

Brush your hair and run an anti-frizz serum through your hair. This will tame any flyaways.



Section of your hair so that the part is larger on the left side.



Spray each section of hair before rolling. Starting on the top layers on the left side, roll 1-2 inch sections of hair. Starting from the bottom of your hair, roll the roller up. Pin the rolls to avoid kinks. Do this on the first few layers.



As you get to the middle and bottom layers of your hair, start, again, at the end of your hair, but instead of rolling facing up, roll the rollers facing down towards your shoulder.



On the right and back parts of your hair, continue to roll the rollers down, spraying each section.



Allow the rollers to cool. When the do, roll them out. They will be quite curly, but do not worry, that will be fixed next.



Taking your ventilated brush, comb through your hair. It will make it soft and full looking. And you will have accomplished that beautiful 1940\'s style! Spritz with a little bit of hairspray to help it last during the day.



Tips & Warnings

  • IF you have bangs, pull them up and to the side and pin them behind your hair. Spray with a little bit of hairspray to ensure the volume will remain in the bangs.


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