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How to Carve Soap into a Fish

By: Monica M

  Tired of plain looking soap shaped like a rectangle?! Try carving the soap to make different designs. Your guests will love it.


Things you will need:
  • Bars Of Soap
    Kitchen Utility Knives
    Nut Picks

Buy some soap. Get some nice bars but get a couple inexpensive bars for practice.



Sketch the outline of the shape on the bar with a knife or other sharp instrument such as a nut pick.



Use a sharp knife to gradually shave away layers until you achieve the shape you want.



Once you have the basic shape, start to add the details. Add in the eye and fins and even scales!



Tips & Warnings

  • You can make other designs, such as flowers, birds, sea shells, etc.


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Home >> Arts & Hobbies >> Balloons >> How to Carve Soap into a Fish





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