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How to Keep Yourself From Getting Bored

By: viviennebarlow

  We're all human. Occasionally, we get bored and sometimes we have our lazy days. However, those days can turn into longer periods of time. Here are some ways to avoid doing this.



First of all, figure out why you are bored. Are your friends baling on you? Do you just not have any plans? What is it that's making you feel so lazy? If you aren't calling your friends to make plans, the first step would be to pick up that phone.



Organize a fun evening with a close group of friends. Rent some movies, get some popcorn and candy, and have a movie marathon. Get some old school boardgames such as Monopoly or Sorry! and play!



If you're not in the mood for a game or movie night, try cooking dinner (for yourself or for friends). Look up food websites or recipes on TV Lesson for some great ideas. This gets you out of the house to the grocery store and you don't end up sitting around all night.



If you're bored and feeling down, hit the gym or go for a run. Getting adrenalin going will raise your endorphins, which in turn will make you happier. To make it even more fun, get a group of people together to play a game of soccer of basketball.



Try an at home spa! Make masks, do your nails and style your hair. Take a warm, soothing bubble bath.



Sit, relax and read a book. If it's a warm, sunny day, go outside and read a book in the grass.




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