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How to Dissect a Frog

By: Mudeshi

  As you move forward in studying science, you will encounter "frog dissecting", here's how to do it easily and properly.


Things you will need:
  • frog to be dissected
  • scalpel or any cutting tools
  • surgical gloves
  • place for the dissection, much better if laboratory will be used
  • tacks for the frog holders

Frogs has two body coverings, It's skin and the abdominal muscles, cut first the outer covering or the skin, pinch it up for easier cutting, don't cut it deeper or it will bleed, you might damage the internal organs too, cut it straght vertically from upper body to it's lower body, then at each end of the cut that you have made, cut it horizontally just enough to open up the skin.



To start dissecting put the frog on the table and use the tacks to hold it down, the tacks will be located on it\'s limbs and on its feet, it will be much better if there will be someone helping you to hold the frog to make the procedure easier.



imgThen do the abdominal muscle, cut it as you\'ve done to the skin but no pinching this time, just a light and easy cut through it, after you open it up, use the tacks again to hold the skin open and see whats inside it.



Be careful in handling the opened frog, its internal organs are small and fragile and moving them around hastily might damage them. Don't forget to wash your hands thoroughly after the activity as frogs are known to carry bacteria that might cause skin problems.




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How to Dissect a Frog
How to Disect a Frog


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Home >> High School >> AP Classes >> How to Dissect a Frog





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