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How to Avoid Ulcer Healing Hints

By: Ninety10

  When your doctor diagnoses an ulcer, any treatment he or she prescribe has three goals, so here are some tips of what can you do if you're prone to ulcer,follow this advice to avoid irritating your stomach:


Things you will need:
  • milk

Don't smoke, heavy smokers are more likely to develop ulcers in smokers take longer heal.



Avoid aspirin or ibuprofen,some anti-inflammatory arthritis drugs may also aggravate ulcers.acetaminophen, an over the counter pain reliever,can substitute for aspirin or ibuprofen in most instances.



Avoid caffeine,alcohol,milk,and peppermint, if you must indulge in any of these,have only a small amount, and then only in a full stomach. milk is once a suggested balm for ulcer-prone digestive tracts,has since been found to stimulate the production of stomach acid.



Don't eat spicy foods,such as peppers or chili powder, if you have stomach pain.



Eat small,frequently meals, big meals can aggravate your stomach if you're already experiencing discomfort.



Learn to manage stress,anxiety-and how you handle it-can play a role in the development or recurrence of ulcers.if you're ulcer prone,avoid stressful situations,learn relaxation techniques, and seek the help of a professional counselor if needed.




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