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How to Drive in a Blizzard

By: CanonZR

  Driving in a blizzard is dangerous, so you have to make sure that you are prepared for any challenge you might encounter. You need to keep your wits with you if you wish to drive through a blizzard and not encounter any serious problems.


Things you will need:
  • snow tires
  • no-freeze windshield solvent
  • full windshield washer reservoir
  • presence of mind
  • full concentration on driving
  • patience

Make sure that your windshield wiper blades are wiped with no-freeze windshield solvent.



Before going anywhere, make sure that the reservoir for the windshield washer is full.



While driving, make sure that you have as little distractions as possible – you have to make sure your concentration is kept 100% on the road and on your driving.



Before even attempting to drive in a blizzard, make sure that you at least have snow tires. It's even better if your vehicle has four-wheel drive.



Lanes on highways are difficult to see in a blizzard – avoid them as much as possible.



Whenever possible, don't take back roads as well. Stick to main roads with a separate lane for each direction.



Do not make any sudden movements – the slower the movements of your car are, the less the risks will be of accidents involving other vehicles.



Turn on your hazard lights if you think you wish to move slowly, and the other vehicles on the road are moving too fast for your liking. This way, the other motorists will give you the space you need.



Concentrate on your driving, but avoid staring too much on the snow coming towards you. You might get confused by the blizzard's movement, which might result in you losing your concentration.




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