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How to Protect Yourself from Insect Bites in the Wilderness

By: Hercosen

  When you go on a camping or hiking trip in the wilderness, it’s inevitable that you will encounter a number of insects (especially at night time). That’s why it’s best to come prepared so you don’t get the discomfort brought about by insect bites.


Things you will need:
  • insect repellent
  • dark clothes
  • long pants
  • long-sleeved shirts
  • closed shoes
  • mosquito nets
  • zipped tents
  • hood protected by mosquito net

Put on insect repellent on all parts of your body that will be exposed to the elements.



As much as possible, keep your arms and legs completely covered so the insects can’t get to them.



Wear dark clothes which are thick enough to prevent insects from biting you through the fabric.



Before putting on shoes that have been left out in the open, shake them out vigorously first to remove any insects or small animals that might have hid inside.



Keep your tents zipped shut, to prevent insects from entering and bothering you while you rest.



Before picking up anything, inspect the item carefully to make sure no insect is present.



Sleep inside a mosquito net if you are staying in an area where mosquitoes are abundant.



You can also wear a hood with mosquito net around it if the bugs are really persistent.



Remember to always wear closed shoes to protect your feet from any unseen creatures.




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