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How to Make Your Boyfriend Cry

By: annitz

  Are you fed up with your boyfriend and wanted to end the relationship? Make your boyfriend cry - a lot. At first, you may feel guilt.When you start to feel bad, tell yourself that he would do the same to you if the roles were reversed. Here are some other tips to help make your boyfriend cry.



It's easier to make your boyfriend cry by using intimate information against him. Recall the most secret details you obtained during the course of your relationship. Reveal those details to every mutual acquaintance you have. Be sure to be as descriptive as possible and produce pictures, if possible.



Lie to him as often as you can. Be sure to get caught, too. When he questions you about it, tell him you don't care what he thinks. Men will often cry when they are confused, so also tell him that you love him after you get caught lying.



Sleep with someone else, the good way to make your boyfriend cry a lot. If you are not able to cheat, make him believe that you have. Convince him that you have enjoyed his best friend in unimaginable ways.



Use every opportunity to steal money from him. If you cannot steal from him, make him spend enormous amounts of money on you. Continue this until he his broke. Then tell him that you want someone else who has more money, and that he is a "loser." Watch the waterworks flow.



Insult his masculinity. Slowly chip away at his manhood by ridiculing him in front of others. Be sure to make fun of your boyfriend in bed if you really want to make him cry.




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